Utorrent rss feed not updating

Note: the above is only applicable to those that have a compatible router that can run a few specific versions of firmware.

I did remove a couple before in /@appstore/ but those still exist in the /web/ directory. EDIT: This seems to have solved the second issue with torrents loading in "stopped" state ;) Will add that to that issue. My .is like this now: scgi_port = localhost:8050 directory = /volume1/Downloads session = /usr/local/rutorrent/var/.session schedule = watch_directory,5,5,load_start=/volume1/Watched/*.torrent #max_memory_usage = 63791104 log.open_file = "rtorrent.log", "/usr/local/rutorrent/var/rtorrent.log" log.add_output = "warn", "rtorrent.log" http_cacert = /usr/local/rutorrent/etc/system.= 002 port_range = 6890-6999 port_random = no peer_exchange = no use_udp_trackers = no dht = disable encoding_list = UTF-8 min_peers = 50 max_peers = 150 download_rate = 9000 upload_rate = 1000 execute = I had to add /volume1/web to php open_basedir in the Synology DSM.Set it to "Download all automatically" stop the torrents that start, then when new torrents are added to the feed they will download automatically.If you want the file to download to a location, set the location in the RSS downloader before you tick the "Download all automatically" box.I tried both of these but does not make any difference.The feeds I use for a private tracker looks like this:

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