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Audience reaction is fascinating, because inevitably people will laugh at the most painful moments for your character.

It happened to me at Melbourne Uni when I was doing this play called The Blue Room (directed by Sara Catchpole), and my character was a very lost soul in London, and I just remember being in the depth of her vulnerability when people were absolutely losing it, they thought it was so funny.

Theatre is such an immediate, intimate, raw experience I don’t think I could ever get over. But I’ve also really enjoyed the filming experiences that I’ve had.She wore a comfortable cardigan, laughed a lot and pushed her hair around as we talked.She told me this was her first interview and I told her it was mine. How did you prepare for your role as Melanie Ryder in Vile?To me, I have to look inwards before I go out and talk to someone who has suffered the kind of traumatic violence that Melanie has, or else I just try to copy.How would that affect me, Madeleine Ryan, as distinct from Melanie Ryder?

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