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For fun, here are some of the points that were on the checklist and my interpretation on how these might apply to your donor relationship. Once you assess the state of your relationship, you can work towards getting it or keeping it on track.Here are a few of the relationship tips from the resource kit that might apply to your donor partnership.You can look for new ways to make romance a top priority without going over the top.You’re not a very romantic person, and it’s clear that you don’t place a great deal thought on creating romantic experiences or having lovey-dovey moments with your partner.While it’s important to not get lost in fantasies, don’t be afraid to push the romance envelope.

Being a romantic doesn’t mean you have to set ridiculous expectations for yourself, but it does mean you should stay true to who you are while still opening yourself up to love.hat’s not your style, and it’s normal to feel this way.However, you should ask yourself why you’re cutting yourself off to romance.In the future, remain open to the possibility of love.However, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t set your expectations so high that you never feel satisfied with the romance you have around you.

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