Hot dating in small towns

These turn a lush green or a beautifully burnished bronze and orange according to the season and fill the town with color and warmth.Chesapeake itself is largely unspoiled, having retained an incredible proportion of its 19th-century buildings and houses which have been converted into inns and restaurants.The main town is equally lovely, with two large 18th-century mansions on the National Register of Historic Places, three museums which discuss the town’s local heritage and the maritime industry, and many picturesque board houses.The town is particularly stunning at sunset, when the warm light envelops the town and harbor in an intense glow.

For those searching for more natural beauty, head to one of the town’s peaceful parks for an abundance of unspoiled meadows and creeks.

Termed locally as ‘Where the South Begins’, Cumberland became a major player in the Civil War and its aftermath thanks to its strategic location.

The town has retained much of its historic vibe from this period, with the downtown area featuring numerous beautiful historic buildings built around this period.

The entire main historic district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and has more than 200 18th- and 19th-century buildings.

There is also the largely unspoiled Main Street, which is home to numerous local shops and picturesque houses.

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