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While Henry is still medium tall, he looks like he's in the 15% of top tallness compared to everyone. I mean, you can't tell how tall everyone is, but it seems to be a decent sample size of the Caucasian population.

When you put all the evidence together he is looking more like 5'11.5" Yes, I agree he has a good body for Superman but I still think he's not imposing enough.

When Eric dies fighting the Muay Thai champion Tong Po, Kurt turns to his brother’s mentor Master Durand to seek revenge on the vicious Tong Po.

Cast: Alain Moussi as Kurt Sloane Jean-Claude Van Damme as Master Durand Dave Bautista as Tong Po Darren Shahlavi as Eric Sloane Gina Carano as Marcia Georges St-Pierre as Kavi Sara Malakul Lane as Liu Joseph Valtellini Matthew Ziff as Bronco T.

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After much anticipation and handwringing from the original Kickboxer faithful, the first teaser trailer for the new remake, Kickboxer Vengeance, has finally dropped.

And out of all of the women in MMA, Gina has the best feel for distance and timing.

That’s not something you lose because you made a couple of movies.

revealing that she's officially back in a relationship with a kickboxing star ... Carano -- who's a big movie star now with a role in the upcoming "Deadpool" flick -- posted a pic on her Instagram page locking lips with kickboxer Kevin Ross -- the #14 Muay Thai fighter in the world.

Ross explained how they hooked up -- and it's actually a pretty sweet story.

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