Entourage validating and copying link data

So I figured Microsoft probably wouldn’t have reinvented the wheel here and tried clicking the link in the article to see if it would fire up i Cal.Turns out that the URI in the link was very slightly different than a standard i Calendar, so instead of the normal “webcal://” it starts with “webcals://”, which interestingly enough tried to fire up Outlook (in my Windows virtual machine).So to fix this, you have to modify the URI to be either “webcal://” or “ (turns out “https://” works as well).So even though the URI is not quite the standard webcal one, it is possible to open as a web calendar with i Cal, and the same trick works for Google Calendar.

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KU has Data Classification Policies and Standards that require encryption when sending any sensitive information.Luckily this URI isn’t yet associated with a particular app, so I was able to click on the “Choose an Application” button and pick the i Cal application.Once i Cal is chosen, the dialog box shows both Microsoft Outlook and i Cal: After choosing the i Cal application, and clicking “OK”, i Cal fires up with a dialog asking you to enter the URL of the calendar you wish to subscribe to, with the URI from the web page showing: Now clicking “Subscribe” of course doesn’t work, since i Cal has no idea what to do with “webcals” as a URL.If the user installs encryption at a later date, they still will not be able to read encrypted messages sent before they set up encryption.Do not delete or overwrite the certificates when you get new certificates.

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