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Manus O'Donnell began building the castle in 1527 on the Wednesday after St.

Brendan's day (Saint Brendan's feast day is celebrated on May 16).

O'Donnell, Calvagh, and these men went with ‘ordnance and engines for taking towns’ to the castle of Lifford to take it back from the descendants of the O'Gallaghers.

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In 1543 the castle of Leithbher was given to Cahir (the son of Donnell Balbh) O'Gallagher to be guarded for the O’Donnell clan.Prior to that, it was in the Dáil Éireann constituency of Donegal South-West.It had formerly been in Donegal North-East, but due to the population shift within the County an electoral boundary review in 2008 moved the town and environs to Donegal SW.It later became a British Army garrison town until Ireland won independence as a dominion in early December 1922.It lies across the River Foyle from Strabane (in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland) and is linked to that town by Lifford Bridge.

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