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Commercial studio DVDs are almost always soft-telecined at 24fps, so their times are more reflective of the original source prints. : “Wayne and several other USC friends worked as costumed extras, wearing kilts, in the film.” (TJWF). According to actor Iron Eyes Cody, who remembered meeting Duke in the spring of 1926, “John Wayne took some [screen] tests at MGM and didn't pass.” The photo was taken by sports photographer Don Gillum (then under contract to MGM) at an empty Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Wayne also had some bits to play off the field as a cadet.” (JWATM).Therefore the times shown for films not officially released on DVD should not be taken as gospel. Anamorphic print available on Region 1 only in Universal's 3-disc, 5-movie John Wayne: Screen Legend Collection released 6-12-07 (2.35:1 anamorphic; 2.0 Surround; 120m:52s [120m:57s•]; cover shown on hover). Wayne recalled working in a Norman Kerry picture at MGM in which he was dressed in a Scotsman outfit but could not remember the title. The back of the photo says “The Yale back is tackled for a loss. In one scene Ward Bond's character addresses Wayne's character as 'Bill'.In the case of most public domain titles, posters or other movie advertising are used instead. In 1955 television rights were sold under its original title to Hygo Television Films, Inc., and passed on to Prime TV Films, Inc. Ownership of the film ultimately ended up being claimed by film collector Raymond Rohauer, who renewed the copyright in 1971 under his Film Archives Trading Company.The DVD release date (month-day-year) is for the title itself and not always the cover shown. Frank Ross, the film's producer, however, eventually assigned outright ownership to Prime TV, and with the company's demise in 1989, Republic Pictures (formerly National Telefilm Associates) acquired the title.(See more about running times in the Blu-ray footnote.) Prefacing the running time is the DVD's English-only Dolby audio track or tracks—those of other languages are not included, nor are any other audio formats (e.g. DVD release: 1-5-99 (2.65:1 [see notes] non-anamorphic; 2.0 Surround; 120m:52s [121m:04s•]). : “John Wayne plays Roy, Arthur Lake's fraternity brother, and it's a fairly decent supporting part, with quite a bit of dialogue in the first half of the film.” (IMDb user who viewed the film at the UCLA Film & Television Archive). A scene from Brown of Harvard, which Jack Conway is directing for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.” View an unedited clip where Duke is most visible in his feature film debut; 9.8 MB : “Wayne worked as an assistant property man and may have participated as an extra in any one of the street sequences.” (TJWF). The documentary The Duke at Fox confirms that Wayne played a police officer in a street scene. Wayne joined Ward Bond and a number of football players that director John Ford had recruited from universities in the Los Angeles area to play out a complete game before the cameras. Wayne appears throughout the film and has many small pieces of dialogue.PCM or DTS) since Dolby is exclusive to all the DVD titles listed herein. The Green Berets Warner Bros.-Seven Arts (1968) Warner Bros. Mike Kirby), David Janssen, Jim Hutton, Aldo Ray, Raymond St. : “A young Wayne and several other USC teammates were hired to exercise with [Tom] Mix, keeping the star in shape, while the actor filmed on location. : “Wayne's role in the film may be confined to stock footage utilized from the earlier Columbia film Maker of Men. before release, eliminating small roles by both Humphrey Bogart and John Wayne (still visible in the background)!

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Where the two dates vary greatly, an imprint note is included. DVD release: 6-5-01 (1.78:1 anamorphic; 2.0 mono; 108m:30s). (1962 [see notes])/MGM (1963) MGM 906292 (keep case) Carroll Baker, Lee J. including opening, intermission and exit music (153 mins. Ross produced ten years ago starring John Wayne and Jean Arthur.These multi-zone DVDs, all but three from Warner Bros., make no mention of other regions on the packaging or discs. First released 7-28-98 on MGM (cover shown) and 5-23-00 on Warner Bros. Although it does not have the original camera negative, the UCLA Film & Television Archive has various 35mm and 16mm elements for , including a 16mm composite dupe negative that Prime TV used for television prints.Also included at times is the mastering date of the DVD, noted as 'imprint'. (Region 1/4; click for cover), both 2.35:1 non-anamorphic with 2.0 Surround from a Metrocolor reduction print (164m:27s). Broadcasting-Telecasting, August 13, 1956: Movie producer Frank Ross has concluded a financing agreement with MCA for his first television venture, a pilot and series for the 1957 market which will star his wife, Joan Caulfield, featured in CBS-TV's My Favorite Husband.Some DVDs (and other video) are encoded in such a way that PAL speed-up is not present so the time does not have to be compensated by a factor of 1.04 to match NTSC, which is the same as film time. DVD release: 8-18-98 (2.25:1 non-anamorphic; 2.0 mono; 100m:33s). The Sons of Katie Elder Paramount (1965) Paramount 06729 (keep case) John Wayne (John Elder), Dean Martin, Martha Hyer, Michael Anderson, Jr., Earl Holliman. Often listed as being released in the UK as He Wore a Star, the film was released there under its original title, including the reissue. A television print, the title card says “Gail Pictures presents” with a 1932 copyright statement by Gail Pictures International Corp. No filmography of John Wayne will ever be complete, since he worked as a card-carrying union member (IATSE) doing prop work at Fox for directors like John Ford, Raoul Walsh and Ben Stoloff.So care has been taken to check for PAL speed-up, and where present the times have been converted to NTSC using the WFT Timecode Calculator. El Dorado Paramount (1967) Paramount 06625 (keep case) John Wayne (Cole Thornton), Robert Mitchum, James Caan, Charlene Holt, Paul Fix. The complete cast is listed as Tim Mc Coy, Shirley Grey, John Wayne, Wheeler Mac Donald [sic], Vernon Dent, Mary Gordon and Walter Brenan [sic]. A television print, the title card says “Gail Pictures presents” with a 1932 copyright statement by Gail Pictures International Corp. While doing such work he may have appeared as an extra in a number of undocumented films that he propped, not uncommon during the days when unions were not as stringent as today.

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