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One key phrase to incorporate into your next personals ad is, “long term relationship”.

This phrase is perfect because it conveys a sense of commitment.

While the term fit clearly means you are in good shape and may result in a large volume of responses from those interested in meeting someone in shape, the addition of the term active may greatly diminish the volume of responses and affectively weed out those that are not interested in an active lifestyle.

An extremely effective action phrase that you can use in your next personals ad is, “Ask me anything.” This simple phrase can lead to a multitude of responses to your ad.

If you have a love of food and enjoy exploring new restaurants, you may want to include a phrase such as, “Enjoys fine dining,” to let reader of your ad know that dining out is an activity you enjoy.

This phrase can be advantageous for a couple of reasons.

This phrase lets readers know that you are completely free of attachments such as a spouse or children.

Second, the use of the word fine in the description leads people to believe that you enjoy expensive restaurants and this can be very appealing to many readers of your ad.You can spice up your next personals ad with the phrase, “Active and adventurous”. Active has the connotation of someone who is in shape because the reader of the ad equates active with physically fit.The word adventurous leads the reader to believe that you are romantic and daring which can be very intriguing.“Honest” is another word that should be included in all personals ads.Incorporating phrases just because you think they will elicit a large response can result in many responses from people who are not suitable companions.Meeting new people doesn’t have to involve a conscious effort.

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